Learn more about participating in our cookoff

Official Rules for Participation

1. Eligibility:

  • Participation is open to teams associated with badged agencies including law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services (EMS), military, or other segments of the emergency response system.

2. Registration:

  • Teams must register in advance to secure their spot in the cook-off. There is no cost to register.

3. Chili Preparation:

  • Teams are required to prepare a minimum of 8 gallons of chili.
  • This is an “Open Class” chili event where competitors are allowed the freedom to experiment with various ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques.
  • Beans are welcome, but not required.
  • Teams are responsible for providing their own ingredients, cooking utensils, and equipment.
  • All chili must be prepared in a sanitary manner, following food safety guidelines.

4. Ingredients:

  • Teams are free to choose their own ingredients, but all must be disclosed to the event organizers for allergy and dietary considerations.
  • Pre-packaged spice mixes are allowed, but the majority of the chili must be made from scratch.

5. Presentation:

  • Each team must present their chili for judging in a designated container provided by the event organizers.
  • Teams are encouraged to decorate their booth and wear uniforms or costumes representing their respective affiliations. 

6. Judging:

  • A panel of impartial judges will evaluate each chili based on taste, aroma, texture, and presentation.
  • Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.

7. Awards:

  • Awards will be given for Judges 1st and 2nd Choice, People’s Choice, and Best Booth. 
  • Prizes will include trophies, awards, and other recognition.

8. Charity:

  • All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting a designated local charity.

9. Sportsmanship:

  • Participants are expected to maintain a friendly and sportsmanlike attitude throughout the event.
  • Any disputes will be resolved by event organizers, and their decisions are final.
All teams will be provided with a copy of our detailed rules and regulations as part of their competition on onboarding process 30 days prior to event date.This is